Hibernate One to One XML Mapping Example


In this example, we will see how to perform one to one mapping in Hibernate using XML mapping files.


1. Technologies used

  • Hibernate 4.3.6.Final
  • MySQL 5.1
  • Maven 3.0.5
  • Eclipse 4.2
  • JDK 1.7


2. Create tables

We will consider that we have two tables : CUSTOMER and CUSTOMER_DETAIL

Assuming that a customer can have exactly one detail and a detail belongs to one customer only, so we will use a one-to-one association.


In CUSTOMER table, CUSTOMER_ID is primary key

In CUSTOMER_DETAIL table, CUSTOMER_ID is primary key and foreign key.


Tables script :


3. Project structure

We create a Maven based Java application.



4. Project dependencies


5. Model classes

We create two model classes to persist the objects related to CUSTOMER and CUSTOMER_DETAIL tables.

File : src/main/java/com/keylesson/persistence/Customer.java

File : src/main/java/com/keylesson/persistence/CustomerDetail.java


6. Mapping files

It both files, we will use one-to-one tag to implement the one-to-one association.

File : src/main/resources/com/keylesson/persistence/Customer.hbm.xml


File : src/main/resources/com/keylesson/persistence/CustomerDetail.hbm.xml


7. Hibernate configuration file

File : src/main/resources/hibernate.cfg.xml


8. Hibernate Utility

To get the session instance.


9. Test It

We add a customer record in the database :


Output :

Hibernate: insert into CUSTOMER (TITLE, NAME) values (?, ?)
Hibernate: insert into CUSTOMER_DETAIL (ADDRESS, TEL, CREATION_DATE, CUSTOMER_ID) values (?, ?, ?, ?)


Download source code

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